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We provide towing services in Scranton and the nearby towns in Northeast Pennsylvania. With over 30 years of experience and over 500 five star reviews, you can rest assured that we will get the job done quickly, safely, and affordably every time!
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Towing and Roadside Services in Scranton


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Scranton's Highest Rated Towing Service

American Towing is a fast, friendly, and reliable towing and recovery company serving Scranton, Pennsylvania. In business since 2020, we specialize in a variety of roadside services from light-to-heavy-duty towing, fuel delivery, tire changes, jump starts, and more. With some of the quickest response times in Northeast PA, American Towing never disappoints! We have over 30 years of experience and over 500 five star reviews on Google. Guaranteed to help you out of a stressful situation and provide an experience like no other.
Scranton's Highest Rated Towing Service

Towing Service FAQs

How much does local towing usually cost in Scranton, PA?

When you find yourself in a towing situation, the first question on your mind will definitely be how much does towing cost? Every tow is different, so we can't give you an exact cost on our website. Our fees vary depending on the circumstances – like how far you want the car to go and the condition of the car.

What kind of roadside assistance do you offer in Scranton?

We provide a number of roadside assistance services to drivers in Scranton, PA and the surrounding areas. Out of gas? Battery dead? Stranded on the side of Route 81? Call us at (570) 499-2018 for tire changes, fuel delivery service, towing, car locksmith, jump starts, and accident recovery.

What's the difference between local and long distance towing?

It all comes down to cost. Both local and long distance towing have different requirements because of the time, gas, and distance involved. So the cost for long distance towing will be higher than local towing service. At American Towing, we're here to help regardless of the distance, near or far.