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How much does towing cost?

When you find yourself in a towing situation, the first question on your mind will definitely be how much does towing cost? What are the pricing criteria for towing? Every tow operation is different, so it might be challenging to place an accurate figure for every tow. Our towing fees vary depending on the circumstances – like how far you want the car to go and the condition of the car. Please contact us for a towing quote.

Does it cost more to get towed on a weekend or a holiday?

No. Not at American Towing. We actually prefer the lighter weekend traffic in the Scranton area because we can finish your tow quicker.

What kind of on-road assistance can I expect from your towing company?

We provide a number of towing and roadside assistance services to Scranton and the rest of Lackawanna county. Ran out of gas? Battery dead and stranded on the side of Route 81? Got a flat tire in Dickson City? The team at American Towing is here to help. We specialize in tire changes, out of gas fuel delivery service, motorcycle towing, flatbed Towing, light-duty towing, medium-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, car locksmith, jump starts, and accident recovery services. Call us at (570) 499-2018 for all your emergency towing and roadside assistance needs.

Can towing damage your car?

We know how important it is to get a job done quickly and safely. But more than anything, we know how important it is to tow your vehicle without causing any damage. At American Towing, we pride ourselves on our quick, safe, and flawless towing history. Read reviews from our towing customers in Lackawanna county.

Will towing a car put miles on it?

It depends on the situation. Flat towing a car with an electronic odometer should not put miles on the odometer. For electronic odometers, if the transmission is turning with the ignition on, the towed vehicle will put miles on the odometer.

What is the difference between local and long-distance towing?

Local and long-distance towing involve different requirements. Because of the time and gas expended for long-distance assistance, the cost to our customers will be relatively higher than a simpler, local towing service. However, when it comes to a driver in need, we work with no hesitation. Regardless of the distance, we are more than glad to help a customer in need for any requested towing service. We’ll assist you, near and far.

Can towing companies change tires?

Yes! That’s one of our specialties. Call American Towing at (570) 499-2018 if you’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. We can change your tire for you. Or, if you don’t have a spare, we can tow you to the nearest garage.
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