American Towing – We Buy Junk Cars In Scranton Pennsylvania

American Towing - We Buy Junk Cars In Scranton Pennsylvania

Do you have a vehicle in your yard that’s been sitting around gathering dust, rather like an old photo album that you never look at? Or maybe your car has given up the ghost and is now more of a large paperweight than a vehicle. At American Towing, we offer a solution that can help you clear space in your garage and put some extra cash in your pocket. We buy junk cars in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Giving a New Lease of Life to Your Old Vehicle

An old car, much like an outdated smartphone, can seem useless. But, similar to how you can recycle an old phone, you can also sell your old or junk car. At American Towing, we buy these cars and give them a new lease on life. Just as a skilled carpenter can turn an old, unused piece of wood into a beautiful piece of furniture, we take your junk cars and put them to good use.

Your Junk Car is More Than Just Scrap

While your car may be old or damaged, it’s far from useless. A car is like a small town full of resources. The metal can be recycled, the tires repurposed, and the functional parts can find a new home in other vehicles. Your junk car, while no longer useful to you, can still serve a purpose elsewhere.

The American Towing Process

Selling your junk car to us is as easy as ordering your favorite food online. It’s a simple, hassle-free process. Just contact us, give us some details about your vehicle, and we’ll give you an estimate. If you’re happy with the offer, we’ll arrange to collect the vehicle, and you get paid.

Unlike some towing services that charge for collection, we believe in making the process as smooth as possible for you. Imagine your junk car is like a parcel ready for shipping. We’re the courier, picking up your package and making sure it reaches the right destination, at no extra charge to you.

Why Sell to American Towing?

Think of us as the green thumb gardener for cars. Instead of letting your junk car rust away, we ensure that it’s recycled in an eco-friendly manner, just as a gardener would compost leaves instead of burning them.

Moreover, we are a professional, friendly, and reliable team. Our reputation in Scranton, Pennsylvania as a leading towing and roadside assistance company precedes us, and we extend these values to our junk car buying service.


Having a junk car sitting in your garage can be likened to having an unused gym membership. It takes up space, and you’re not getting any use out of it. Why not turn it into cash instead?

At American Towing, we buy junk cars in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Our process is fast, easy, and convenient. We handle all the heavy lifting, while you sit back, relax, and get paid for your junk car.

Don’t let that old vehicle rust away. Give it a new lease on life with American Towing. Remember, one person’s trash can be another’s treasure. Your old car can find a new purpose, and you can enjoy the benefits of a cleared garage and extra cash in your pocket.

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